Smoking: A Real Drag on Your Teeth


Smoking, and all types of tobacco usage, have detrimental effects on a person’s health. The fact that tobacco is such an addictive drug makes it all the more devastating because of how difficult it is for most people to break the habit. While many are aware of certain serious health concerns that are directly related […]

Does Chewing Gum Really Prevent Cavities?


Chewing gum is a habit that people either enjoy or they do not. Occasionally, some non-gum chewers may chew a piece of gum if they fear that they have bad breath. Americans have been chewing gum for over 100 years out of habit, as a breath freshener, and as a means to break the habit […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal


On average, people develop 32 teeth, yet only 28 fit comfortably inside the mouth. Those four “extra” teeth are colloquially referred to as the wisdom teeth. These teeth get their name due to the fact that they come in between the wise ages of 15-25. For some people, their wisdom teeth come in normally and […]

Root Canals

Once the permanent teeth erupt in the mouth, they are meant to remain inside the mouth for the rest of your life. However, certain life circumstances often prevent individuals from making this goal a reality. Cavities, decay, infection, and trauma can all lead to severe damage of the teeth, causing restorative treatment to be necessary. […]

Dental Implants


Dental implants are often described as the greatest advancement in dentistry in the last century. Dental implants are replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth more so than other tooth replacement options. They are an ideal solution for the majority of people who have suffered tooth loss, one that can ultimately benefit […]

Signs You Have A Cracked Tooth

There are some dental emergencies that are more obvious than others. For example, a tooth that has been knocked out of the mouth is an obvious dental emergency that needs immediate attention. However, there are some dental emergencies that often go unaddressed simply because warning signs are ignored or people are unaware that an issue […]

Dealing With Bad Breath

Whether you realize you have bad breath on your own or someone else brings it to your attention, bad breath can have negative effects on your social and professional life. Bad breath originates right inside the mouth, making your dentist the best person to talk to about how to deal with it. Sometimes, a simple […]

What is Plaque?

Dental plaque is a microbial biofilm that is found on the tooth surfaces. It is the sticky, white stuff that forms on the teeth, between the teeth, and both above and below the gum line. Plaque causes a great deal of damage to the teeth and gums when it is not removed on a daily […]

How To Handle a Dental Emergency


All emergency situations are stressful situations, and dental emergencies are no exception. They can be traumatic, painful, and scary for people of all ages. Knowing how to handle a dental emergency ahead of time can give you the knowledge and quick decision that is often needed in order to protect your oral health and possibly […]

Caring For Your Toothbrush


You use your toothbrush as a cleaning tool for your mouth. However, if your toothbrush is dirty – covered in grime and bacteria – it is not doing a very good job at cleaning your mouth. In fact, it is doing the exact opposite. By taking just a few simple steps, you can keep your […]

Your Diet and Your Teeth

The foods that you choose affect more than just your waist line. Your entire body is connected, from your teeth to your toes, and what you eat has direct causes and effects on the entire body. Many people overlook how foods and beverages affect their teeth, making poor choices that leave them with serious and […]

Is Mouthwash Necessary?

If you take a walk on the dental aisle at your local pharmacy or grocery store, the options in toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental floss, and mouthwash are almost endless. You understand that brushing is essential in keeping your teeth clean and freshening your breath, you understand that flossing is the most important thing you can do […]

Tooth Restorations

While the permanent teeth were designed to last a lifetime, there are certain circumstances that cause the teeth to need restoration. Tooth restorations are done to allow people’s smiles a second chance. You use your teeth throughout the day for many purposes – they help you chew your food so that it is easily eaten […]

What is a Dead Tooth?

To understand that your teeth can die, you must first understand that your teeth are alive. Each tooth is made up of three different layers: the enamel, the dentin, and the pulp. The enamel is the hardest substance in the human body and is the layer that is visible when you smile. It is also […]

Cavity Prevention

Cavity prevention is entirely up to you. Before you take offense at that, let us take the time to learn about cavities. First of all, cavities are the most prevalent dental issue in the entire world – so if you have had a cavity, you are not alone! Secondly, cavities can cause great harm inside […]

Cavity Prevention

Cavity prevention starts at home. Regular care of the teeth coupled with a healthy diet are essential in warding off decay of your pearly whites. Cavities result from tooth decay that is inflicted by bacteria attacking the enamel of the teeth. Even those who are prone to developing cavities can find hope in knowing that […]

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

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Dental cleanings and checkups are important elements of proper oral health. Parents are responsible for their children’s health care from a very young age, but most parents are shocked to learn that children should visit the dentist for their first dental appointments by the time their children reach their first birthday. It is not surprising […]

Seal Out Tooth Decay

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Teeth have different functions that they provide to all of us. They allow us to speak properly, they give us a distinctive smile, and they also allow us the ability to eat and chew foods. The front teeth are used for cutting foods with their sharp, thin edges. The canines (aka “eye teeth”) are used […]