Dental Implants

Henderson NV Dental Implants PeriodontistDental implants are often described as the greatest advancement in dentistry in the last century. Dental implants are replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth more so than other tooth replacement options. They are an ideal solution for the majority of people who have suffered tooth loss, one that can ultimately benefit your entire oral health.

Dental implants are actually replacement tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jaw bone. The tooth “roots” – known as replacement anchors – are made from titanium. Titanium is the ideal material because of how the body accepts this material, allowing the jaw bone to fuse with the anchor so that it becomes a permanent object inside the mouth. Dental implants act as a base for dental prostheses including a single replacement tooth, multiple replacement teeth, dental crowns, and implant supported dentures or bridges. (more…)