Signs You Have A Cracked Tooth

Henderson NV Dental EmergenciesThere are some dental emergencies that are more obvious than others. For example, a tooth that has been knocked out of the mouth is an obvious dental emergency that needs immediate attention. However, there are some dental emergencies that often go unaddressed simply because warning signs are ignored or people are unaware that an issue is an emergency. Cracking a tooth is not as obvious as many people would expect it to be. Knowing the signs of a cracked tooth can help you identify the issue early on so that it can be treated appropriately and in a timely manner.

Sometimes people are aware of a cracked tooth the moment that it occurs because they will feel pain immediately. Biting down on a piece of ice or hard candy and then feeling an immediate and intense pain will be an obvious sign that you have cracked your tooth. This situation should be viewed as a dental emergency, and you should seek attention and treatment from your dentist as soon as possible. The pressure from biting down on a cracked tooth will allow the crack to open, causing pain and allowing bacteria to seep down into the inner layers of the tooth. This is something that you do not want to allow.

Other times, people are unaware that they have a cracked tooth or may simply be thinking that their symptoms are just a minor inconvenience. What you need to understand about your oral health is that serious issues will not heal themselves on their own. Issues must be addressed by your dentist for treatment. Signs you may have a cracked tooth include:

  • Sharp pain when biting down, and then the pain quickly disappears when pressure is taken off the tooth
  • Extreme pain or sensitivity while eating or drinking
  • Pain that comes and goes throughout the day
  • A visible line through a tooth
  • Discoloration of one single tooth within the mouth

If you have any signs of a cracked tooth, please contact Siena Dental today. Our practice is dedicated to your oral health, and we are here to help you find a solution to this painful and compromising issue. As with any oral health concern, please contact our practice right away.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Dave Mahon, Siena Dental

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