Wisdom Teeth Removal

Henderson NV DentistOn average, people develop 32 teeth, yet only 28 fit comfortably inside the mouth. Those four “extra” teeth are colloquially referred to as the wisdom teeth. These teeth get their name due to the fact that they come in between the wise ages of 15-25. For some people, their wisdom teeth come in normally and do not cause any issues or problems. However, for most people, that is not the norm. Because most of the permanent teeth develop in the early adolescent years, they are already well established within the mouth. They have deep roots, and many have already gone through orthodontic treatment to find their best positions inside the mouth. When wisdom teeth erupt and try to push their way into the mouth, crowding can occur or the wisdom teeth can become impacted in the back of the gum line. When there is no room for the wisdom teeth, extreme pressure can cause the neighboring teeth to become misaligned and infected. (more…)