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Henderson NV DentistsTeeth have different functions that they provide to all of us. They allow us to speak properly, they give us a distinctive smile, and they also allow us the ability to eat and chew foods. The front teeth are used for cutting foods with their sharp, thin edges. The canines (aka “eye teeth”) are used for holding or grasping foods. These stated teeth also promote the correct articulation and pronunciation in proper speech. The back teeth consist of the premolars and molars, allowing us to chew and crush foods so that they are easy to swallow and digest. These back teeth are rough, jagged, and made up of many grooves and pits on their top surfaces. While this design is necessary for eating, it contributes to the difficulty in keeping them clean.

As food is chewed and broken down by the premolars and molars, food particles often become trapped in the deep ridges. Natural acids occur in the mouth any time we eat or drink anything other than water. While these acids occur naturally and are beneficial to the mouth, they can also cause severe damage. Food particles that are trapped in the back teeth attract a large amount of acids and bacteria. The acids and bacteria are there to help break down the food, however, because they congregate in such large quantities, they often end up destroying the teeth during the process of breaking down food particles.

Brushing and flossing are essential aspects of oral health care. However, they are often not enough to prevent destruction. Dental sealants are a simple dental treatment that has the sole purpose of preventing tooth decay. Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings that are painted on to the surfaces of the premolars and molars in order to “seal out” food particles and acid from accumulating in the grooves and pits of these back teeth. After a thorough cleaning, dental sealants can be applied to patients of any age. The painless procedure takes approximately two minutes per tooth, and it requires no down time from the patient. Dental sealants can last from two to four years, and they are one of the simplest means of promoting healthy teeth.

Siena Dental is proud to offer dental sealants to patients of all ages. Please contact our dental practice today to learn more and to schedule your appointment. Preventing tooth decay is the best way to promote optimal oral health!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Dave Mahon, Siena Dental

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